The Moon Shell Curse

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The Moon Shell Curse (By Catherine Matchuk)

the moon shell curse

           The moon cannot shine without the sun. This is how they are with each other, these two women. Although it’s hard to tell who’s the sun and who’s the moon sometimes. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, as long as they both rotate, they both keep swimming through the stars.




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Light (By Catherine Matchuk)

2016-03-03 17.33.33

Press into me,
so that more than our flesh is touching,
our souls,
our hearts.

The way was foggy,
and only a small light to guide my path,
darkness at my sides. More

The Bench

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The Bench (By Catherine Matchuk)


sunbench by Oz Yigit

            She wore a large black, straw hat with a red ribbon, that’s what he first saw and what he first remembered. It was freakishly large, he thought, and perhaps in another life it wasn’t meant to be a hat. It was meant to be a roof. A tent. Shelter for the broken hearted, anything but a hat. In this life it framed her face perfectly and outlined her delicate cheeks and jawline. In this life, it was meant to bring out beauty. More