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Voices: A Novel Excerpt by Cat Matchuk

  My sanity is no longer with me. Fatigue masks my emotions, leading me into a gentle and numb state as I leave my apartment.

            It’s a chilly morning, somewhere between autumn and winter. The gray sky seems to glow brightly against the silhouettes of the trees. As I walk along the railroad tracks I kick stray leaves out of my way. My legs stop and I inhale deeply. I exhale, watching my warm breath mingle with the cold air and flow upwards into the sky. I’ve thought about this before of course.

            Many times.

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One More

I am trapped in the soft prison
of my own flesh.
The wardens have wrapped my heart in wire.

Tied down by the demons
that hunt us.
I don’t mind being another taken,
one more.

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I Wait

Sounds muffled, musicians play to the night.
Off the water and across the sand,
I sit and wait for you.

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“People think I am the villain and you are hero. I am what they can always count on. I will always exist. You are the one that instills chaos into every living being. You, not me. Life, not Death.”

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