Rejections to Stay Humble

When it doesn’t go as planned, yell “plot twist!” and move on. That’s advice I saw in several different places, no idea where it’s originally from, but it’s fitting.


I’m in a weird lull right now, just at the end of my school program, about to start a new job – that’s been put on hold thanks to the troubling times. I’m in limbo. So what do we do while in limbo? WRITE!

Instead of thinking about how different things would’ve been if I went back to school for creative writing instead of vet assistant, I like to think I’m exactly where I need to be. There’s that butterfly effect, you change one little thing and it can change huge things. No thank you. I don’t want to lose a single thing I’ve gained this year – even if I’ve lost a few things along the way.


Getting back into writing means one major thing for me, getting rejected. And it’s okay, it comes with the territory. That’s the life of a penniless writer.

I’ve polished off some short stories, written new poetry and sent off some submissions to various magazines. After all that, I wait. After all, I’m exactly where I need to be.

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Writing Prompt #1

What Can Happen in a Second

A split decision, heartbreak, love.

A wrong turn down a one way street. A crash, a clash, a tangle of harsh words that you cannot take back.

A fall, a slip, a wrong move
wrong word at the wrong time.

The right words. A heart to give, a hand to hold. A hug
wrapped in warmth, a greeting to first impressions and lasting friendship.

A breath.


Cut, Burn, Bury

Cut, Burn, Bury (By Cat Matchuk)

lighted matches on brown wooden surface
Photo by Pixabay

Cut, cut, cut
the young girl’s hair falls to the floor.

You ask yourself, who will I be now?
I want to drink whiskey straight from the bottle
and wear leather
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No One’s Coming to Save You

No One’s Coming to Save You (By Cat Matchuk)


How very studious of you
How very productive

Pour another glass, tuck yourself in
You have nowhere to go
no one to see
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