Catherine “Cat” Matchuk was born in Canada because two people loved each other very much, and Canada is the country of love.

She defines herself as a fiction writer, dabbling in poetry, short stories, novels, and sarcastic rants. She has been writing creatively for 20 years.

She credits her love of writing to her favourite band and it’s lead vocalist, whose lyrics inspired her to venture into poetry and eventually other forms of writing.
She would also like to thank family and friends that supported her, and who had to deal with reading lots of unedited sh-, I mean, beautiful writing.

As well as writing, she enjoys reading, chocolate, gaming, Iaido, and being neurotic. She also prides herself on her pet care specialist & dog daycare career which allows her to dog walk, pet sit, bathe, and care for all the animals!
Cat is a triple threat, not only showing off her creativity in writing, but also in photography and jewelry making.