Where Are You?

Where Are You? (By Cat Matchuk)

round glass ball reflecting man standing
Photo by Jeremy Perkins.

Some poetry are stories,
There’s no hidden meaning, the author speaks plainly, grabs you by the hand and takes you on a journey.

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Cut, Burn, Bury

Cut, Burn, Bury (By Cat Matchuk)

lighted matches on brown wooden surface
Photo by Pixabay

Cut, cut, cut
the young girl’s hair falls to the floor.

You ask yourself, who will I be now?
I want to drink whiskey straight from the bottle
and wear leather
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No One’s Coming to Save You

No One’s Coming to Save You (By Cat Matchuk)


How very studious of you
How very productive

Pour another glass, tuck yourself in
You have nowhere to go
no one to see
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