A frozen touch where she walks
amid the claws of the winter trees.
While she wanders weak and cold, she whispers to the sky,
breathing into the stars a trail of fog.
Could you ever love me?

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A Doll Speaks

Bored. That’s how he feels. He cuts his business cards into rectangles and proceeds to fold them into ninja stars. A trick he learnt from the internet on another slow day where he was just as he is now. Bored.

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Kiss of Air

I couldn’t fly, I crashed into you.
Arms outstretched, feathers where there were none,
close your eyes tight enough and you can feel their gentle touch,
the kiss of air.

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The Bench

She wore a large black, straw hat with a red ribbon, that’s what he first saw and what he first remembered. It was freakishly large, he thought, and perhaps in another life it wasn’t meant to be a hat. It was meant to be a roof. A tent. Shelter for the broken hearted, anything but a hat. In this life it framed her face perfectly and outlined her delicate cheeks and jawline. In this life, it was meant to bring out beauty.

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“People think I am the villain and you are hero. I am what they can always count on. I will always exist. You are the one that instills chaos into every living being. You, not me. Life, not Death.”

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