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I’m petsitting two French bulldogs right now. They both are hyper when I come home, but tend to chill out fast. They sleep most of the day, and wake up just to eat. Pretty sure one has amnesia, she always forgets who I am.

I started to get back into writing poetry for my website. By that, I mean to say I wrote one poem – the first one in about 6 months. I should keep going, I must have interesting things to say. Or interesting things to make up at the very least. Even if all my drafts are inaccessible at this very moment, surely I could pull something out of my butt.

What a weird year. I went back to school during a pandemic, because I like to suffer like that, started a relationship, and moved out for the 2nd time in my life. There’s something deep within me that will miss living underground in a small as hell apartment – not quite knowing if it’s daytime or not. Living with bugs.


Lots of change has happened, and quick. I know I’ll look back and think to myself, remember when I was there, I already have a few times. No place to go but forward. I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have some general goals in mind.


  • Finish school.
  • Get a job that makes me happy. Even if it isn’t exactly where I planned to be, but involves animals in some capacity.
  • Save money and also try not to be a fool with money.
  • Learn ASL.
  • Enjoy the little things.
  • Be happy and beat anxiety with a wooden bat.
  • Yoga and Iaido regularly.
  • Keep up with my blogging and poetry, maybe finally finish that novel.


What do you think?

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