She Did This to Herself

She Did This to Herself (By Cat Matchuk)

person holding wine glass
Photo by cottonbro.

These bones are iron
to sink
and shake.
She did this to herself.

Focus on her hands
as they sink
and shake,
she did this to herself.

Could be worse
it could always be worse,

and better,
a hell of a lot better.

She’s covered in sweat
and sinking,
on the cold tiled floor.

An easy way out,
let that sink in,
let that shake you,
she did this to herself.

Acid to choke her
to empty
let go

Pass out when the world spins,

twisted dreams.

Wake up when the world stops,
In tears
cling to the empty bed.

Could be worse,
it could always be worse.

These veins are poisoned,
I sink,
I shake.
I did this to myself.