In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight (By Cat Matchuk)

red candle
Photo by Pixabay.

I wanted to leave, but my body wouldn’t let me.
The strength to stand wasn’t there, and I feared to die in this house of hallways.

I needed to find you,
tell you that I was drifting away. In plain sight

a comet from the sky would be welcome
to start a fire to end a tied thread, our connection.

I needed your need,
you were drifting away, it was plain to see.

I asked for your hand, you rejected.
Put this to the test, let’s see if you read these words

I wanted to stay, but couldn’t cope with the pain,
fearing death in a glass house,
too alone to turn out the lights.

You needed to find me,
but I was in front of you,

in plain sight.