Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest (By Cat Matchuk)

gabe grim reaper
Death Splatter By Gabe Reyes

There you were, frail and weak,
if I touched you, you were sure to fall apart.
I knew you were there, and I knew you were alive,
I could hear it from the beating of your heart.

You whispered to me, “I have to leave now,”
and like a fool I couldn’t let go.
I looked into your eyes, begging you to stay,
unaware that your heartbeat was slowed.

An uninvited guest burst in through the door,
A black mist so frozen and cold.
I couldn’t defend you, I couldn’t be brave,
and my grip I just couldn’t hold.

So, there you were, frail and weak,
empty and hollow and blue.
The uninvited guest leaves and takes you away,
but steals a piece of me too.