Blame (By Cat Matchuk)


Day brought the shadows when it shone too bright,
created the darkness to dance with the light.

Blame the sun for burning,
fire on your skin,
and watch as the clouds abandon the sky.

Blame the beautiful angels; greedy to take,
to steal the souls that flew too high.

The earth shattered from miles away,
a tremor big enough to hold me,
to suffocate.
Beg it to stop, say I’m sorry.

The sun reminds us that it will end,
bring darkness and blame the sky.

Curse the moon, it reflects the light that burns you.
Curse the soul, it’s weak to the pulses of the heart.
It breaks.

Weep as the angel’s claws reach through my heart to claim you.

Blame the creatures that haunted our children.
Blame the laughter that died in our throats.
Blame fate, it sways to the pendulum.

Cry against burning scars,
pouring blood,
violent gashes.

Blame the world for rotating.
Cry for me, break it in pieces.
Blame everything, tear a hole inside me,
cut it open,
leave me to rot.

Day brought the shadows, the darkness grew,
as I search for the reason,
I will never blame you.