Caged (By Cat Matchuk)

fed01 by Oz Yigit

The wind was unforgiving,
taking the words from my head before they could dance on my tongue.
Sifting through every grain of sand,
trudging along the ocean.

The man caged in his mind was caged from his love,
he wore the key around his neck.

The wind brought the message,
lifting the words from my heart before vibrations could bring them to my ears.
It pumped through every vein,
turning the words crimson.

The caged man couldn’t hear, caged from his love,
grasped the key.

The wind carried me,
making me weightless before igniting a spark to reach through the bars.
I reached through the cage,
the cage wasn’t there.

The caged man danced with another love from the past,
not knowing that I was standing before him with the key.
Not knowing that I wasn’t her,
wasn’t his.