Abandoned (By Cat Matchuk)

insideoutside by Oz Yigit

A frozen touch where she walks
amid the claws of the winter trees.
While she wanders weak and cold, she whispers to the sky,
breathing into the stars a trail of fog.
Could you ever love me?

A home, the walls hold no pictures,
only frames to show off dull paint.
While he stares into where the suitcase used to lie,
the noise of her forever gone.

A card in the mail, an arm to reach out
in hopes of someone reaching back.
No reply, though she waits for the letter to come,
disillusioned that he wanted her.

A dream, a scar, a fragment of sin,
a crack just enough for light to crawl in.
While she scoops up her heart to pack it away,
wrapped in the letters picked up by the wind.
She asks the ghost of who he was,
did you ever love me?