Kiss of Air

Kiss of Air (By Cat Matchuk)

elements of hope – IV by Oz Yigit

I couldn’t fly, I crashed into you.
Arms outstretched, feathers where there were none,
close your eyes tight enough and you can feel their gentle touch,
the kiss of air.

Fly too high and get burned by the sun.
Fly higher and reach the stars.
I didn’t make it into the clouds before I stumbled,
the rush of air a distant memory, no longer holding the softness of kisses.

If my wings beat as fast as my heart, I would have reached those stars.
The mind and the body will sometimes never agree,
or the heart and the head.
Time and fate.
Invisible wings and gravity.

I couldn’t fly, so I fell.
I wasn’t meant to be in the air, I accepted this.
Imagination is strong, imagery is key. You could see wings when you looked at me.
I couldn’t fly, so instead I fell and bumped into you,
you told me about the gentleness of the air’s kiss,
from a single feather.